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How to Protect the Vulnerable Aspects of Your Home

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Your home is one of your most personal spaces and highly valued assets. It’s a place where sensitive and treasured items are often stored, priceless memories are held, and safety is expected. As such, protecting your home from burglary is a high priority in keeping family members and possessions out of harm’s way.


Your Home’s Most Vulnerable Points


Here are a few of your home’s most vulnerable points of entry:


  • The Front Door. Believe it or not, your front door may be the easiest and preferred target for a potential burglar. This is especially true when your doorway is recessed or guarded by trees, bushes, or columns. To fix this area, you should attempt to make your front door more visible to the road and neighboring houses. This can be done by improving lighting, posting alarm warnings, and installing motion detectors that warn intruders.


  • Windows. Whether elevated or on the ground floor, windows are often an easy access point. That’s because many homeowners forget to lock them or even leave them open. Older homes are particularly vulnerable, as aging windows can be weak and easy to break through. To fix this issue, consider upgrading windows, installing new hardware, and regularly checking to make sure all windows are locked and secured.


  • Back Entrances. When the front door and windows don’t allow a burglar to enter, they will usually try back entrances that are hidden from view or obscured. Homes with big side yards or attached alleys are particularly susceptible and should add proper protection. To fix this issue, add fake security cameras, install extra lighting, and trim back bushes and trees.


  • Garage Doors. It’s alarming how many homeowners leave their garage doors unlocked or unprotected. This signals that nobody is home (if cars are gone) and provides easy entry to the home. The simple fix here is to lock and close garage doors and install extra lighting around the area.


  • Sliding Doors. Sliding doors are dangerous for a number of reasons. First, they provide a clear view of the home’s interior. This allows the thief to monitor what’s going on and whether or not anyone is home. Second, they can sometimes be pried open with little to no effort. Protecting yourself from sliding doors may be as easy as installing blinds and adding extra hardware and locks to better secure the doors.


Tips from Burglars


If you were to speak with a burglar, here are a few things they would tell you:


  • Hiding places make it easy to rob a home. All you have to do is hide in bushes, landscaping, or obscure places and wait for homeowners to leave.


  • Homes with uncut grass, piles of newspapers, and no cars in the driveway signal easy targets.


  • Posting photos on social media is an open invitation to a burglar. Avoid posting information about your vacationing while away from your home.


All Secured


At All Secured, we specialize in helping homeowners protect their homes from unwanted intruders and invasions. With alarms, locks, surveillance solutions, and more, we are Columbus’ go-to security provider. Contact us today for additional information.

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