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How to Make Your Home Safer This New Year

Home Security Systems Columbus, OHResolutions are common when entering a new year, but prioritizing which are most important is not. Yes, exercise and taking better care of yourself are likely on your list, but what about your family and home?


With earlier mornings and darker evenings, homes become more susceptible to attack. Abandoned garbage cans, gathering newspapers and mail, and a darkened house in the early evening hours is an open invitation for burglars.


Most burglaries traditionally occur on Fridays between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Homeowners can prepare for safety and security in the new year by understanding home invasions and ways to deter burglars.


The Four Types of Home Invasions That Constitute Burglary


  • Completed burglary is when someone with no legal right enters a residence with or without force or coercion.
  • Forcible entry is when force such as breaking a window or slashing a screen is used to enter a home illegally.
  • Unlawful entry without force is illegal entry without the use of force.
  • Attempted forcible entry is an attempt and fail at home invasion.


Most burglars use the front door and first-floor windows, particularly those of a master bedroom, to gain entrance into a home. Doors and windows are not the only means of entry as attached garages and basements are popular alternatives.


Five Ways to Deter a Burglar


  1. Use strong/visible door and window locks. Well placed, quality locks that are difficult to break can deter a thief.
  2. An alarm that will sound and notify the police can cause a robber to panic and flee.
  3. A sturdy front door, like one made of solid wood, is recommended to prevent invaders from kicking it in.
  4. Motion-activated floodlights can scare a potential threat away. Often these threats end up being animals, but in a close-knit community, lights can scare curious onlookers away.
  5. Surveillance cameras are an effective means of retroactively catching a burglar, but visible cameras may ward off potential invaders.


Five Home Security Measures That Aren’t Fooling Anybody


  1. Posting an alarm company sign in the front lawn. Telling a robber the type of alarm system used may encourage rather than thwart future attacks.
  2. Hiding valuables in bedrooms is predictable. Bedrooms are often the first place a thief will look while searching for jewelry and money – living rooms are usually second. Find an alternative place to keep your valuables.
  3. Leaving the lights on when you’re not home is a dead give-away. Constant light shining from the same house windows is a sign of an empty house to those paying attention.
  4. Suspending the mail, similar to leaving on the lights, is a hint for robbers accustomed to tracking and learning homeowner’s habits.


The FBI estimates 2.1 million U.S. homes are broken into each year. Taking the time to think ahead by taking extra safety precautions can be the difference between life and death. Make it a New Year’s resolution not to take home security for granted by contacting All Secured for questions or advice today.

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