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Highest Crime Rates Throughout the Year


Unfortunately, crime is rampant in the U.S. We are consistently seeing reports about the country’s most dangerous cities and the high levels of crime those cities experience. But what are the worst times for crime throughout the year? Data from the FBI, as well as specific data on the city of Baltimore, allows us to explore exactly what times of year bring the highest rates of crime. Read on to learn more about the highest crime rates throughout the year as well as how you can stay safe with All Secured. Violent Crime by Month The FBI offers statistics on violent crime in the U.S. by month from 2000-2004:

  • In 2000, the rates of violent crime were highest in July and August, with 9.3% and 9.1% of the year’s violent crime, respectively.


  • In 2001, the trend shifted slightly – while July still had the highest crime rate at 9.3%, October took the second spot at 9.0%.


  • In 2002, July and August tied for the highest rate of crime, both at 9.3%. September came in at a close third with 9.2%.


  • 2003 showed a similar trend to 2000, with the highest crime rates back to July and August, both with 9.2% of violent crime.


  • Finally, in 2004, July again took the top spot with 9.2% of violent crime. In a new trend, May and August came in second with 9.0% each.

  Overall, these statistics show that crime rates tend to increase as the weather gets warmer, with the highest rates in mid-summer and slightly lower rates in the early fall and late spring.

Case Study: Baltimore – A case study on crime by month in Baltimore helps us better understand changing trends in the rates of crime. According to the data, property crimes such as burglary, larceny, and auto theft increased in July and August. March, April, May, and November also had high rates of burglary. Larceny showed similar trends, with higher rates in April and May. Auto theft also had high rates in May and October.   For violent crime, the trends were similar. Shooting had the highest rates in July, August, and May, while aggravated assault increased in June, August, and April. Finally, the rates of robbery went up in July and August. This data on crime rates in Baltimore again shows similar trends to the nationwide data from the FBI – crime is at its highest in the warmer months, particularly July.

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