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From the Outside In: Exterior Security Measures for Your Home

With warmer weather approaching, most people are looking forward to outdoor parties and other festivities. They may be considering letting down their guard when it comes to security, as they move some possessions outdoors and spend more time outside. However, intruders are often just as interested in the exterior of your home as the interior. An unguarded exterior creates an easy way to access what they want inside. Today, All Secured will advise you on some great exterior safety measures.


Panic Alarms

At All Secured, our panic alarms are sufficiently loud and startling enough to frighten off intruders and alert allies until professional help arrives. We can outfit your home’s exterior with a secret alarm that blends in with your home’s exterior or outdoor décor. We also recommend using personal panic alarms which can be clipped to a belt or other clothing, carried in a purse, used on several doors at once, or clipped to key rings. This way, you can reach instant help at any time. The elderly, college students, persons with disabilities, and families with small children can all especially benefit.


Access Control

Breaking into a home or business becomes more difficult when you can’t enter in the first place. All Secured provides access control to many commercial and public service buildings such as schools and hospitals, but we can set up private residences with options as well. Our options include delayed entry security, electronic locking systems, buzzers, intercom and telephone-based entry, and biometric fingerprint scanning systems. Consider using our electronic locking systems or wireless buzzers during crowded spring parties, reunions, or home-based business meetings. Our intercom systems are ideal for clients with large families, landlords of apartments and condos, or those who have frequent guests or visits from service providers.


Residential Burglar Alarms

Warmer weather means vacation plans, so you must be sure you feel secure leaving your home for extended periods. One of the best ways to do this is through a residential burglar alarm. The alarms sold through All Secured possess the latest technology and come in several designs with personalized features. Our alarms work with the wireless devices you depend on every day. For example, we can connect a burglar alarm directly with your cell phone so both you and the police receive intruder alerts. We also use email alerts to notify clients of potential intruders. In addition, our alarms can be programmed to notify you of furnace failures, sump pump failures, approaching severe weather, and more. Most of our alarms come with a video option as well. These are 30-second clips that alert you each time an entrance is opened in your home.



At All Secured, we understand many people might consider camera surveillance extreme. However, some of us live in neighborhoods or participate in jobs that make it necessary. For example, if you live in a high-crime area, you might use surveillance to protect sensitive documents, valuables, or the children you’ve left with a sitter while you work. One of our most popular ways to achieve surveillance is the covert camera system. Covert cameras are built into existing objects or set up to blend seamlessly with walls, shelves, and other décor. Small surveillance cameras can be disguised as anything, from a garden light to a pencil sharpener to a sprinkler head or wall clock.

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