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Finding a Remote Programmable Door Lock for Vacation Rentals

All Secured


A vacation rental home producing extra income is a great investment. Owning a home away from home doesn’t come without security risks, however. While it’s easy for some to check their homes themselves, others live far away from their rentals. Programmable door locks let local and out-of-town rental owners know their homes are safe.


Remote Lock Options


  • Card reader systems. These allow a homeowner or landlord to use a card to gain access to a home, and if a tenant forgets to return the card, it can be reprogrammed. This solution is great for someone who must provide secure access to multiple people.


  • Electronic deadbolt. With the help of an electronic deadbolt, the door can be unlocked from anywhere remotely, or it can house a number of temporary codes entered through a number pad. Codes can be deleted from the door access point remotely.


  • Keypads. Manually set keypads work similarly to the wireless electronic lock, but do require physical access to change codes. This alternative may work well in remote settings where internet access may be unavailable.


  • A time-set keypad. A time-set keypad can be programmed for certain dates and times. It needs the internet only to generate a new code. Even without internet access, a valid code will work on the lock.


If you have any questions about what programmable lock is right for your vacation rental home, the professionals at All Secured Security Services LLC can help you determine which system is best for your home. Located in Columbus, Ohio, All Secured can help you with any of your security questions or needs.


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