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Accessible Handicap Door Installation in Columbus

At All Secured, we strive to help our customers, and theirs step into a world of unrivaled accessibility. With more than 75 years of experience, we are your trusted partners for handicap door installations in Columbus, including repairs and door openers. Our experienced team is the go-to choice for Columbus residents and business owners who value independence and accessibility. Contact us today for the exceptional service you deserve.

The Importance of Accessibility

Ensuring access for those with disabilities is a legal obligation in commercial spaces, but more importantly, it’s critical for creating a society that values equal opportunity and inclusion. Complying with ADA guidelines is about more than convenience–it’s about upholding the value and principle that everyone deserves access and the opportunity to participate in society.

As long-time Columbus residents, we take pride in our community and seek to do our part in ensuring everyone has the opportunity to participate in the everyday dining, shopping, and working activities many of us take for granted.

Handicap Door Installation for Residential & Commercial Properties

The team at All Secured is here to help you by creating handicap accessible entrances tailored to the needs of your home or business. We use the latest technology, such as automatic door openers, to ensure equal access for all. You can rely on our high-quality handicap door installation services to provide your home or business with the functional, ADA-compliant entrance you and your customers deserve.

Handicap Door & Automatic Opener Repair

In the past few decades, regulations and technological innovations have done truly amazing things to ensure equal accessibility for all. However, with great technology comes the unfortunate reality of periodical failures. This especially applies to handicap accessibility doors and automatic openers.

In the event that your handicap door or automatic opener stops working, our 24/7 emergency service is here to help. Our dedicated technicians are ready at all hours of the day to resolve any malfunctions you may experience. We understand that accessibility can’t wait, and we know how disruptive it can be when openers and doors are down, and that’s why we’re here to help in any way we can.

Why All Secured Is the Right Team for the Job

With over 75 years of experience, All Secured is the trusted source for all door, lock, surveillance, and alarm systems. In the past seven decades, we have garnered a reputation for exceptional service and superior craftsmanship that Columbus business owners and residents rely on time and time again.

Convenient Handicap Door Installation & Repair

Equal access is something we take very seriously here at All Secured–which is why we include, amongst our many other services, handicap door and automatic opener installations and repairs. Our commitment to compliance, more than seven decades of experience, and 24/7 emergency services make us your go-to choice for handicap door and automatic opener installations and repairs. Contact us today and open the door to a world with equal access for all.

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