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Different Kinds of Video Surveillance Systems

Types of Video Surveillance Systems

When considering installing a video surveillance system for your home or business, there are various types of systems to choose from. Your specific choice will depend upon your personal needs.

Wireless IP The Wireless IP video system is a type of digital video surveillance that is used to stream live video across the Internet. This function allows you to be able to monitor your property from anywhere. The video footage can be accessed through your smartphone or computer; anywhere you can connect to the Internet. Since this surveillance system is wireless, it can be installed anywhere on your premises and is small enough to be unnoticeable.

Analog Cameras Analog cameras are different from Wireless IP systems because the footage retrieved cannot be viewed through the Internet. They are a more affordable security system since the technology is slightly less advanced. The video signal is delivered to a receiver or monitor, for example, a television. The type of analog camera that you choose will depend on your specific needs. There are some types that are smaller and easily hidden while others are larger and more visible.

Remote View Camera Remote camera surveillance systems allow the homeowners to view the camera footage over an Internet connection. Remote camera systems are great for people who want the ability to view their property while they are away. These security systems have the ability to zoom, rotate, tilt and record digital footage. Remote camera surveillance only allows one login at a time so multiple people cannot log in simultaneously.

Dashboard Cameras Having a dashboard camera is convenient because it will provide you with valuable footage if you ever get into a car accident. It is also a great way to record your travel experiences. Basic models come with video and audio recording and picture taking abilities. Dashboard cameras are also useful to provide student drivers with feedback, record driving habits and film passengers.

Covert Cameras Situations may arise where someone will have a need for a covert camera. These cameras are discreetly hidden and provide undetected surveillance. Covert cameras can be placed in walls, smoke detector, electrical sockets, or any other discreet place. These cameras record footage to an SD card which can be removed and reviewed.

Daycare Camera System Daycare owners can incorporate a daycare camera system into their facility to increase security for the children within their care. The camera system will also allow parents the security of being able to check in on their children throughout the day. The daycare surveillance systems are equipped to record all footage and allow the workers to monitor the daily activities. The ability to record footage is also important and can be used if any questions arise about the quality of care in the future. The professionals at All Secured in Columbus, Ohio have over 25 years of experience in providing security solutions for our customers, and our experienced team can guide you in choosing the exact video security system that best fits your needs.

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