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Dealing with Damaged Locks

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A locked door is the first line of defense for your home's protection, and may be enough to convince a burglar your home is not worth the trouble. But what do you do when the lock is broken? Whether your lock becomes stuck in the unlocked or locked position or simply refuses to lock correctly, it’s a hassle and security risk. The following are a few ways that locks can be damaged and how they might be dealt with.


  • Stuck lock from buildup of grime and dirt. When the key cannot be turned in the lock, despite going in smoothly, there may be something blocking or jamming the lock from turning. Clean out the lock by inserting a damp bit of cotton and lubricate the lock using a non-oil based spray – ideally one intended for lubricating locks.


  • Misaligned door. If the weather stripping on a door has come loose or the door is hanging improperly on its hinges, the lock may not be lining up properly with the doorframe. To correct this, reconfigure the weather stripping or make adjustments to the door to ensure the lock is properly aligned.


  • Working doorknob, but broken lock. If the doorknob is turning properly, but the door is not locking or unlocking, there is a problem with the locking mechanism. It may be necessary to buy and install a new lock to be sure of the security of your home.


For more information on dealing with broken locks and protecting your home, contact All Secured today. We provide a wide variety of security services, from surveillance camera installation to locksmith services to alarm installation.


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