Perimeter Fencing OhioInstalling perimeter fencing is one of the best ways to ensure that your facility is secure. All Secured Security Services of Columbus, OH offers various types of security fencing. Some types of fencing available for installation are chain link fencing, barbed wire fencing and steel fencing. The type that you choose is dependent upon the level of security you wish to maintain. Having any type of perimeter fencing will help to control the level of access given to unwanted visitors.

One type of perimeter fencing that All Secured Security Services offers is the chain link. Chain link fencing is more widely utilized due to its low maintenance cost. Chain link fencing is made of a coated steel wire that usually comes together to form a diamond pattern. Another positive aspect of having a chain link fence around your perimeter is that since it is made of wire, you are able to see through it and see any potential threats trying to enter. Installing chain link fencing is the most cost effective way to secure your facility.

All Secured provides another style of perimeter fencing and that is the barbed wire fence. This fencing is made of steel wire but it has sharply pointed barbs at intervals along the length of the entire fence. The purpose of the barbed wire fence is to prevent trespassing completely. Barbed wire fencing is usually installed along the length of chain link fencing or walls surrounding a property. If any kind of intruder, animal or human, tries to scale the height of the fencing, they will not be about to climb over the top without injury.

A more visually pleasing security option for fencing would be to choose steel fencing. Steel fencing is more durable than aluminum and has a more ornamental look than the chain link. If the appearance of the fence is a high priority, then choose the steel fencing. This type of fencing provides a sturdy defense against unwelcome visitors while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Steel fencing is also able to handle more extreme weather conditions without requiring as much maintenance. If you are looking for a durable fence that is extremely strong and beautiful, then you may want to consider All Secured’s steel fencing.

If you are unsure which type of fencing you would like to install around the perimeter of your company, don’t worry. One of All Secured Security Systems’ highly trained professionals will take the time needed to discuss the options and find the best solution for you and your organization. All Secured has over 25 years of experience as a leading security system provider in the Columbus, OH area.