Parking Lot Gate Systems OhioNo matter what business you own, All Secured Security Services of Columbus, OH knows the value of keeping it secure. This security not only comes from maintaining the building itself, but also from securing the grounds the facility resides on. All Secured sells a variety of security gate systems that will help ensure your business parking lot will not have unwanted guests. Securing the area around a business is vital to thwarting away potential intruders.

All Secured Security Services offers various types of security gates dependent upon your facility’s needs. We will work with you during the decision process to make sure you have the best option for your parking lot. We offer the following parking lot security gate systems: Swing Gates, Slide Gates, Lift Parking Lot Gates and Barrier Arm Gates.

Swing Gates are isolated from the main fence around a parking lot. These gates can either be single door or double door gates, depending upon the expected traffic. Swing Gates are hinged to the fence on one side and swing open and closed from the other. The single door swing gate option allows pedestrian traffic to pass through the gates while the double door gates can be opened to allow vehicular access. You can choose to have your gate swing inwards or outwards.

Slide Gates are made of steel and opened by the gate sliding horizontally along its axis to allow the vehicle to enter. These gates are mounted on the inside of the fence and will slide across the gate opening. The Slide Gate has wheels attached to the bottom and will glide back and forth along the metal track on which it is placed.

Lift Parking Lot Gates are great for facilities that do not have excess space for a gate to swing open. These gates are mounted on a vertical track and when open, they extend vertically. Lift Gates provide an opening that will allow all vehicles to pass safely underneath. Lift Parking Lot Gates are valued because of their speed at which they can open and close safely.

Barrier Arm Gates prevent vehicles from entering a parking lot by extending a long metal barrier arm across the exit path. The Barrier Arm Gates vary in style by offering single arm gates or gates that have multiple arms. These gates are mainly used to monitor vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot. Barrier Arm Gates are not, however, effective in keeping pedestrian traffic maintained due to the ease of entrance when on foot. These gates can be operated by scanning a badge, monetary means or through security guard surveillance.

As you have read, commercial security gates come in many variations. They each serve to provide a different level of security and protection to your facility. They also vary in appearance and range from very basic to ornamental. They are made with materials such as steel, wrought iron, or vinyl. Our professionalsat All Secured are available to help you decide which security gate is the best fit for your parking lot security needs.