Parking Garage Gate Systems OhioMaintaining the security in your parking garage may seem daunting at times, but All Secured Security Services of Columbus, OH has over 25 years of security installation experience and can help. No matter the size of your parking garage, we understand the value of keeping it secure. While keeping your business safe is important, keeping your parking garage equally as secure will help ensure no unwanted guests will breech your perimeter.

All Secured Security Services of Columbus, OH offers many types of security gates for your parking garage. We offer Slide Gates, Barrier Arm Gates and Parking Garage Infill Panels. Our team of trained professionals will work with your specific needs to help you decide on just the right option for your facility. Not only will they help you decide on the specific type of gate you wish to install, they will also help you decide on the design and physical aspect of installing a security gate.

The first type of security gate that we offer at All Secured is the Slide Gate. Slide Gates are made of steel and are mounted on the inside of your fencing. They have wheels attached to the bottom and will glide back and forth along a metal track on which it is placed. They are made of steel and slide horizontally away from the opening to allow vehicles to enter. This type of gate is opened via specified certified ID or badge.

Barrier Arm Gates prevent vehicles from entering a parking lot by extending a long, metal barrier arm across the exit path. The Barrier Arm Gate varies in style by offering single arm gates or gates that have multiple arms. These gates are mainly used to monitor vehicles entering and exiting the parking garage. Barrier Arm Gates are not, however, effective in keeping pedestrian traffic maintained due to the ease of entrance when on foot. These gates can be operated by scanning a badge, monetary means or through security guard surveillance.

Commercial security gates come in many variations and they each serve to provide a different level of security and protection to your facility. They vary in appearance and range from very basic to ornamental. They are made with materials such as steel, wrought iron, or vinyl. Our professionals at All Secured Security Systems in Columbus, OH are available to help you decide which security gate is the best fit for you. Our business has over 25 years of experience as the leading security provider in the Columbus, OH area. Our trained professionals will use those years of knowledge to help you chose the ultimate security gate option for your parking garage.