Daycare Fire Alarm Systems OhioFire alarm systems play an essential role in the safety and success of your childcare center. The professionals at All Secured Security Services have over 25 years of experience in implementing alarm safety solutions for Columbus, Ohio businesses and facilities, and All daycare fire alarm installations are perhaps our most important work. To ensure the well-being of the children in your care, it is important to adhere to the requirements of the State Fire Marshal through the assistance of a licensed and certified fire alarm contractor like us.

With a need to perform for a large number of young children of varying ages, a daycare fire alarm system is more complex than other systems and requires more sensors and notifying devices. A range of audible and visible alerts are available. All Secured Security Services is versed in all code requirements established for daycare fire alarm systems. We design our systems to meet or exceed fire codes, enabling you to pass inspection, open for business and keep your children as safe as possible.

An important part of any fire alarm system, especially daycare fire alarm systems, is the egress controls installed on all exit doors. This allows a building to remain locked from the outside while allowing quick exit in the case of evacuation to ensure the occupants in your facility remain safe in any scenario.

A daycare fire alarm system from All Secured Security Services takes into account these factors to help you prepare in case of a fire emergency. Whether you are looking for a total installation or upgrades to your current fire alarm system, our professionals can work with you to provide the safest space for the children in your care. For more information on daycare fire alarm systems, contact All Secured in Columbus, Ohio today.