Access Control


Biometric Access Systems OhioBiometric access control is a system that allows business/ authorized personnel to gain access to a restricted area or object through a distinctive identification process. While biometric access control systems have been widely used in forensics for criminal identification—particularly through automatic fingerprint identification systems (AFIS) — in recent years, progress in biometric sensors and matching algorithms have led to more and more use in civilian and governmental applications. These uses include physical access controls, computer log-ins and employee time management.

All Secured Security Services in Columbus, Ohio has utilized the emerging biometric technology to provide the highest level of security for many local government and civilian facilities in the Central Ohio area. We remain committed to staying educated on biometric access control technology, and can help guide our clients in implementing a system that will protect and serve their security needs.

There are a variety of access control methods involving biometric technology, such as:

  • Face Recognition
  • Signature Recognition
  • Typing Recognition
  • Speaking Identification
  • And more…

All types of biometric access control focus on chemical, behavioral or physical attributes. Regardless of implemented methods, using biometric access control does not require information like codes or passwords that can be forgotten or lost, rather techniques that provide access based on who people are.

Keep your business safe with an advanced access control system. We offer 24-hour service with live technicians on call to assist you 365 days a year. All Secured Security Services in Columbus, Ohio is a licensed, bonded and insured company and we promise 100 percent quality service. For more information on biometric access control and biometric devices, or for a quote on a biometric access control system, contact All Secured today.