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Burglar-Proof Your Car

Burglar-Proof Your Car
While taking steps to burglar-proof your home is a major concern for many, burglar-proofing one’s car frequently remains overlooked. However, keeping your car safe from burglars should be a priority. Your car goes with you almost everywhere, and you often have your most valuable possessions in the car – phone, wallet, laptop, iPod, tablet, etc. With these tips from All Secured, you can keep your car burglar-proof and protect your valuables.
1. Get An Alarm System
Not only should you always keep your doors locked, but you should also install an alarm system in your car. This will immediately inform you if someone has attempted to tamper with your car. In addition, a loud alarm will scare off a burglar and likely keep them from actually taking your valuables or your car. A professional alarm system is often able to directly notify the police that a theft is taking place, and they even have the option to disable the ignition of your car.
2. Don’t Leave Valuables
One of the simplest rules for car safety is to never leave your valuables unattended or visible in the car. Always take your purse, phone, wallet, and keys with you when you leave the car. If you were using an iPod or other mp3 player to listen to music in the car, you should place this in the glove compartment or otherwise out of plain sight. Furthermore, you should ensure that your stereo is safe. High-end stereos are one of the most common items that are stolen from cars; to keep it safe, either put any easily removable parts in the glove compartment or write down the serial number for tracking if it is taken.
3. Park Carefully
There are multiple ways to park more carefully and keep your car safer from theft. First, you should always park in public areas that are well-lit, as this will deter burglars from choosing your car. If you are parking in a garage or lot, you should avoid spaces near the exits, as these will be a first choice of burglars. Additionally, you can pay for a monitored lot for even greater security. Parking smart is one of the best ways to ensure that your car is never a target for theft.
4. Never Leave Windows Open
When leaving your car, make certain that all windows are closed, as well as the sunroof if you have one. If your windows are open even just a crack, a burglar could easy use a long tool to reach the door handle or lock and break into your car. Open windows are a definite target for car theft, and they should be avoided even in the summer heat.
5. Install a Tracking System
Finally, installing a GPS tracking system is a great way to ensure that your car will be found quickly if it is stolen. The GPS can send your car’s location to the police immediately after it is stolen, allowing them to find it more quickly and potentially before the burglar has caused damage or taken your valuables.

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