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Best Access Control Features for Schools and Government Buildings

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If you work in a school, government building, or other security-intense environment, having access control solutions in place is vital. High numbers of break-ins, terror threats, and abductions call for measures that keep our citizens safe while learning and working.


Many individual features are combined in a complex or large facility to ensure the security of the premises. Here are a few of the most secure access control solutions to consider for your high security application:


  • Biometric scanning. This is a one of a kind way to ensure certain areas in your facility are only available to authorized individuals. Facilities with low traffic that need to protect sensitive documents or materials may benefit from this solution.


Government buildings successfully use the technology for a variety of applications. Features of the system may include access by facial recognition, speaking recognition, fingerprint recognition, and more. Biometric scanners are available to scan chemical, behavioral, or physical characteristics. They are also particularly successful when used in conjunction with electronic door locks.


  • Mantrap. Government research facilities and other areas that are more susceptible to break-ins will benefit from this unique solution that features a space that divides high security areas from main areas of a building. Once a person enters through one, the doors must be closed before he will be allowed to open the second set of doors. When used in conjunction with surveillance and biometric or card scanning, the access control feature is extremely secure. 


  • Card readers and badging systems. Schools, government buildings, and companies that share buildings all commonly use card readers to allow access to areas. On its own, this feature is moderately secure because anyone who has a card will be able to enter an area. However, the feature can be successfully used in conjunction with other measures to provide high level security.


Badging systems are more secure than card readers and provide security with information about who accessed what areas and when. The system may also include other features such as prepaid card functionality and other relevant information.


  • Turnstiles. Turnstiles can be as traditional or modern as a facility needs. Some require card access and record data, making them highly secure access control solutions, while others serve as crowd control. Contemporary designs also allow for wheelchair access. They are commonly used in schools and government building entrances to provide security with baseline data for the facility.


  • Proximity access control. Very similar to other card systems, these readers feature a card that contains data or some kind of chip that is waved in front of the system to allow access. The readers are easier to use than slide access and are valuable security solutions in any school, daycare, government, or other commercial application.


  • Electronic locking systems. When used in conjunction with a card reader, biometric scanner, mantrap, or a combination of these features, electronic locking systems are serious security devices. They can be used on their own with a key or keypad unlocking feature, but are often used as part of a comprehensive security system.


For help determining which combined measures will work for your needs, contact All Secured Security Services, LLC today at 1-800-992-7463.


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