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All About Commercial Access Control

All About Commercial Access Control As the owner of commercial space, you need to ensure that space is secured 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
One way to ensure security in commercial spaces is through access control. Access control refers to a number of products that can be used to restrict who can enter your commercial space. At All Secured, we offer a wide variety of commercial access control systems in Columbus. Read on to learn more about each of these available options.

Biometric Access Systems: Biometric access systems can involve a variety of specialized systems of identification to gain access to a space. They focus on behavioral, physical, or chemical characteristics such as facial, signature, typing, and voice recognition.

Card Reader Systems: With a card reader system, access to commercial space can be restricted using employee identification cards. These cards include critical information such as name and photo ID. They can include a magnetic strip, barcode, or computer chip.

Proximity Reader Systems: Proximity reader systems are similar to card reader systems; however, the identification process revolves around credentials. These credentials can be presented using a badge, card, or another customizable method.

Delayed Egress Systems: Delayed egress systems either delay or prevent individuals from leaving your commercial space. We offer both delayed egress locks and electromechanical delayed exit devices that adhere to relevant fire and building codes.

Electronic Locking Systems: Electronic locking systems add security to the doors to your commercial space, using magnets, motors, or solenoids for activation. They can be programmed to unlock using any system from biometrics to intercom releases.

Badging Systems: With a badging system, commercial space is protected from any individual who does not have the appropriate ID badge. The accompanying software allows you to store personal information such as a photo, and they are also capable of incorporating spending accounts.

Intercom Systems: Intercom systems are useful for a variety of reasons; they can enable interoffice communication, notify staff when an individual is attempting to gain access, and allow for remote locking and monitoring.

Telephone Entry Systems: A telephone entry system uses a keypad device to allow individuals to request access to your commercial space. Our residential systems offer features such as 3-digit dialing and 6-digit key code access.

Remote Entry & Buzzers: Our remote entry and buzzer systems restrict access to your commercial space by requiring visitors to buzz to gain entry and allowing building staff to control access from any location.

Turnstiles: Turnstiles can be used in the commercial space entryway and can also be combined with other access control systems, such as metal detectors and biometric scanners.

Man Traps: Man traps are access control systems that consist of at least two interlocking doors that only allow one individual to enter and exit at a time.

Parking Lot Gate Systems: We offer a range of parking lot gate systems to limit access to commercial space, such as swing, slide, lift, and barrier arm gates.

If your commercial space is in need of access control, contact All Secured today to discuss what access control products are best suited to your needs.

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