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6 Common Security Measures to Keep Your Business Safe

All SecuredLaunching a small company or expanding your market reach takes an incredible amount of time and money – and a theft or data breach can lead to a massive setback or even a complete shutdown. Thus, securing your business is a top priority. Whether you run a brick-and-mortar bakery or a virtual bookstore, here are a few essentials to get squared away.



Safes range from enormous to compact with just as many design and feature variations. Here are a few different business options to consider based on your commercial needs:


  • Restaurant safes. Restauranteurs have to account for a significant amount of physical cash circulating between customers, waiters, and managers. Without a proper depository safe, this money is vulnerable to easy theft. These come in front- and rear-load designs, and they can include a single lock or fingerprint verification system. You can find fireproof models, as well.


  • Office safes. Restaurants may have many small bills changing hands, but offices and retailers have to deal with a considerably greater amount of dough. Businesses can keep cash and critical documents secure in these large or discreet units. These are also available with a variety of lock options and fire and waterproof designs.


Of course, the best safe is only as good as the Access Control System that keeps the wrong hands out of it.


Access Control

There’s an incredible variety of Access Control Systems. For example, you can install pin pads to restrict entry to certain areas or use access cards to prevent key theft. Log who’s coming and going (and when) with a badging system, use a proximity reader to keep business flowing, or set up a turnstile to control traffic and keep patrons safe while accounting for them.


Proper Lighting

Sometimes, quality lighting is all it takes. Adequately lit parking lots and garages are important to overall safety. They deter a more significant crime from being committed further down the road. If your enterprise opens into a back alley or a yard, light up those doors to keep personnel and customers safe.


Install Security Cameras

Security cameras record comings and goings – and illicit activities you may need evidence to prosecute. If you employ several drivers, consider on-board vehicle recording. Audio recording options are also available, and just like effective lighting, spotting a camera can prevent a crime from ever occurring. Covert systems are another option to consider.


Alarm System

These basic features wouldn’t amount to much without a proper alarm. Here are a few models to consider:


  • Commercial intrusion alarms. These alert you to any break-ins.


  • Exit alarms. If you’re worried about public safety, these are essential. They go off whenever someone exits without authorization.


Alarms can also alert you to other harmful things like smoke, fires, or floods.


Virtual Lockdowns

If you let employees work on their own devices, or have some critical technical equipment you rely on, consider employing computer and laptop lockdowns. This software restricts certain software access, encrypts your data, and keeps files from being deleted or shared.


These are just some basics. Because your business is unique, you’ll need a tailor-made solution that addresses your specific circumstances. For more information about these options and additions like master key systems and perimeter fencing, contact All Secured today.

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