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5 Ways to Protect Your Family During a Home Invasion

All SecuredHome invasion: it’s a situation that we hope to never have to think about. But every year, an estimated 3.7 million burglaries occur. If averaged out, that means that over 10,000 home invasions occur per day.


Most people don’t think about what they would do during a home invasion simply because it doesn’t cross their mind that it may happen to them. It’s a scary subject, but knowing what to do during a home invasion may be the key to both you and your family’s survival.


Most home invaders are looking to rob a house that is empty. Always make it clear that you are home to deter invaders from breaking and entering. If an invader does come into your home while you are there, it is essential that you are prepared.


Here we have 5 ways you can protect your family during a home invasion:


Have A Plan – While this is a preventative measure, it is an option that may save your family in the future. Make a plan today for how your family should handle a home invasion. Develop safe words with your family and describe what should happen and where people should go if a home invasion occurs. Identify a room in the house where everyone can meet or develop an escape plan. Talking during a home invasion may not be possible, so communication and awareness of the plan beforehand are key. Make sure everyone knows exactly what to do during the invasion. 


Be Very Quiet and Listen – Stay quiet so not alert the intruder to your location. Try to discern information about the intruder by listening, and try to decipher how many intruders there are and what they are doing. 


Get to a Safe Place – Keep in mind that you know your house better than an intruder does. Consider where best you can keep your family safe. Leave the house if it is safe to do so. If your house has a safe room, go to that room, and lock the door. If you don’t have a safe room, gather your family in a room, lock the door and barricade it with furniture or heavy objects. Once at the safe place, call the police. 


Call the Police – Once you are in a safe place, call the police. If you are still inside the house, try to speak quietly and use as few words as possible.


Remain Calm – If you encounter the intruder, stay calm. Speak in a normal voice and let them know that you plan to cooperate. Hold your hands up to let the intruder know that you are defenseless and don’t want to cause any trouble. Avoid eye contact as it may make the intruder feel threatened. Never take aggressive action unless you believe you are in a life-threatening situation.


Being properly prepared for a home invasion is the best defense, but should your home be invaded while you are there, keep these 5 tips in mind to stay safe.


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