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5 Hardware Solutions to Make Your Building ADA Compliant

Commercial building codes are always changing, and it's up to the building owner to be sure they're adhering to new rules and regulations. Since the implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), building owners have begun incorporating ADA compliant hardware into their security systems to allow for easier access. These codes require that buildings upgrade their accessibility options to allow people with limited mobility to easily get in and out of the building. Hardware can be installed either into already existing features, or can be designed as totally new construction. Make sure your building is accessible to everyone by incorporating the following ADA compliant features.
Door Operators 
Door operating hardware controls how much force is required to open a door, and can either be applied to an existing door, or can be a new installation. ADA compliant doors must require no more than 5lbs of force to open. Swing door operators are installed on otherwise manually operating doors and allow for the door to be opened with the push of a button. Slide doors are door systems that are fully installed and open automatically on a sensor. These doors can feature additional security systems like panic hardware, which allows for easy egress in emergencies.   
Exit Devices
ADA exit devices are retrofitted to existing door systems and allow people with limited mobility to open doors more easily. Touch bar systems are made in a variety of widths and sizes and can be attached at lower heights, making them easier to reach for people in wheelchairs. Lever door handles are wider and longer and are much easier to operate than regular doorknobs. Pull handles are heavy-duty, C-shaped handles are easy to grip and have a variety of uses.
Door Closers
Most door closers operate on a hydraulic system that allows the door to close slowly so it doesn't impede slower moving traffic. The hardware is attached to a pre-existing door system, and comes in heavy-duty varieties for commercial use. Some systems can be set to hold the door open for a set amount of time, or to open to wider widths.
Locking Equipment
Though it is required that commercial building owners make their business more accessible to people with limited mobility, it is also important that the building still offers security. There are a number of easily accessible door handles which still incorporate locking mechanisms. Many of these systems can be retrofitted and feature larger handles with traditional locking mechanisms, or a handle and key-pad lock. Most locking equipment will also feature automatic locking capability, so the door will lock when it's shut. ADA locking equipment ensures that improving the accessibility of your building doesn't mean that you have to compromise security.
Panic Devices
Panic devices allow for a door to be manually or mechanically opened or locked in the event of an emergency. Many of these devices incorporate an alarm system, so when they are pushed they will set off a siren throughout the building. They come as push bars, strike rims, keypad/handle systems, or self-locking dead latches. 
Don't hestiate; consult with a professional at All Secured to make sure that your building is ADA compliant today! 

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