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10 Things You Didn’t Know about Fire Safety Systems

Fire Safety Systems

Fire safety systems are a huge necessity in any building. Despite their prevalence, there are many pervasive myths about fire safety systems that can jeopardize your safety. Here are the top 10 things about fire safety that you probably did not know, but should definitely be aware of.

1. Smoke Detectors Are Not Sufficient – Many believe that simply having a smoke detector in your home is enough to protect yourself and your family from fire. However, smoke detectors alone will only alert you to a fire, not extinguish the fire. They can also lose battery power, making them unreliable.

2. Fire Damage is Worse Than Water Damage – Another prevalent myth is that you should not install a sprinkler system because water damage is worse than fire damage. While the damage caused by a fire hose can be quite severe, damage from a sprinkler system is not.

3. Sprinklers Will Protect You and Your Property – Some people believe that fire sprinklers are intended to protect one’s property rather than one’s personal safety. However, sprinklers provide significant safety benefits to you. Statistics show that fire sprinklers, combined with an early warning detector, will decrease the amount of injuries, property damage, and lives lost by at least 50%.

4. A Fire Will Not Set Off All Sprinklers – One common myth about fire sprinklers is that every sprinkler will go off if one is activated. In fact, these sprinklers become activated on an individual basis, when surrounding temperatures become too high. Only the number of sprinklers necessary to control the fire will be activated.

5. Newer Homes May Not Be Safer – While many believe that new homes are safe from fire, and older homes experience the majority of fire related damage, deaths, and injuries, this is simply untrue. In older homes, electrical wiring that is outdated can cause decreased fire safety, but this is not universally true. In reality, recent construction methods used to build newer homes can lead to greater risk of collapse.

 6. Fire Sprinklers Are Cost Effective – Another myth about fire sprinklers is that they are too expensive to install. However, sprinkler systems are as affordable as other renovations, such as new carpeting, and they can save you money by reducing potential loss of property and insurance premiums.

7. Fire Sprinklers Rarely Malfunction – Many remain concerned about installing sprinkler systems because they might malfunction, causing a leak or accidental activation. In truth, these systems have as low a risk of leaking and malfunctioning as your regular plumbing system, as long as they are installed correctly.

8. Sprinklers Do Not Require Costly Maintenance – Contrary to popular belief, sprinkler systems have a very simple design when they are installed in the home. They do not need any regular maintenance.

9. Fire Sprinklers Are Meant For All Climates – It is a myth that the pipes for sprinkler systems will freeze in cold climates. If they are installed correctly, the pipes will have sufficient insulation to not freeze.

10. Sprinklers Will Not Detract From The Value of Your Home – Finally, many homeowners fear that sprinkler systems will be ugly and detract from the overall value of their home. Newer designs, however, can be well concealed and unobtrusive. Contact All Secured today for more information about Fire Safety Systems.  

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