Residential Burglar Alarms OhioNothing compares to the security of your home and the safety of your family. Protect your home not only when you are gone but also when you are there with a residential security alarm system. Residential security alarm systems from All Secured Security Services are designed to provide customers with the peace of mind they deserve for their Columbus, Ohio area residence. Available in a number of designs with a variety of different features and assets, our experts can help you determine which system will best suit your security needs.

As certified Honeywell and DMP service providers, we offer both hardwired and wireless residential alarm systems. In addition to the standard intrusion protection, our residential security alarm systems can also monitor temperature drops in the event of furnace failure and monitor water levels in the event of sump pump failure.

No home phone? No problem. Our systems can be equipped with a cellular communicator to contact the authorities when an alarm is set off. Not only can the alarm system be enabled through a cellphone, but improved features such as email alerts and 30-second video clips are also available to help customers monitor each and every time a door to their home is opened while they are out.

While technology allows for the use of internet phone systems, the alarm industry does not yet consider this to be a secure and effective means of monitoring a residential security alarm system, as a result, choosing a cellular communicator system may be a more plausible approach.

You can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of your family and property. For more information installing a residential security alarm system into your home, contact All Secured Security Services in Columbus, Ohio to schedule a free in-home consultation and quote. Our professionals are licensed, bonded and insured, and with over 25 years of experience, we can provide you with the access control solutions you need to protect your assets.